Ideas & Tips for Maternity Session

    • The first gift your husband bought for the baby’s (e.g. clothes or shoes).
    • A special gift from husband to you anytime during your relationship.
    • Try to mach the colors with your husband for the shoot.
    • A white shirt from husband for you to wear.
    • Baby’s magazines, Sonogram pictures.
    • Toys, balloons in pink or blue or pegs with your baby’s capital name letter, pacifier in pink or blue.
    • Yours and husband shoes, and your baby’s first shoes.
    • Bring a lot of Scarves & shawls and 3 or 4 clothes in pink or blue.
    • Strapless bras.
    • Toys, stuffed animals or anything you have already purchased or been gifted for the baby, that will add a personal touch to your photos.

Beauty preparation I suggest

    • Get a manicure and a pedicure a day in advance (you and husband)
    • Get your hair and makeup done.
    • Don’t wear anything tight when you are coming, so it does not mark on your skin.
    • Bring your skin lotion and lipstick
    • Accessories for your hair, include hats if you like.

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